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A Wide Variety of Equipment

When it comes to your healthcare needs, you should never settle for second-best. That is precisely why Kansas Medical Supply was founded, and how we earned our reputation, providing the highest quality medical supplies and equipment available—with a focus on patient safety—that meet the needs of our customers, and make daily activities more comfortable and life a little easier.

Among our large inventory, we especially cater to those looking for oxygen-related equipment for those suffering lung disorders and diseases, or other respiratory issues that inhibit oxygen intake. We also specialize in breast pumps, and supply the Hygeia brand, which is rated second in the U.S. They are the only brand covered by Medicaid in the state of Kansas, and we regularly have them available for new moms.

Supplies Include:

Whatever you need, you can be sure Kansas Medical Supply will have it in stock, or be able to order it and have it delivered right to your door! Convenience to customers is a hallmark of our business—we look forward to serving you and helping you make the most of your healthcare today!

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